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WORDS WITH BOARDS – Cutting Board On Your Taste

Discover the right gift for your loved ones with the Words With Boards. These amazingly cut inventions are all you need for making your friends smile. They are all wooden made and hand-sanded.

TEA DROPS – An Alternative Way of Having Your Tea

Enhance the pleasure of having your everyday tea with Tea Drops. These beautiful-looking creations are made from 100% organic tea. The Tea Drops are all made in the USA. In addition, they come in different...

KEEP A BREAST FOUNDATION – Prevent Breast Cancer

Learn more about breast cancer and prevention with the Keep A Breast Foundation. The organization is charity based and helps women with the necessary information. Moreover, the foundation provides the audience with loads of...

KAMSAH – Perfect Serving Sets

Create a heavenly plating next time you have dinner at home with Kamsah. This unique serving piece is made from ceramic, back in Neapolis. Each Kamsah is perfectly handcrafted with a lot of attention.

THE DECORIZER – Add a Touch of Beauty to your Meals

Make your plating the most exquisite with the Decorizer. These classy creations are meant to turn the meals and dinners into a 5 star experience. The Decorizer are regarded as stealthy holders which can cover...

SNURK LIVING – Duvets for Artist Children

Let your children explore the most beautiful part of their life with the Snurk Living. These are perfectly-fitted duvets with exquisite images upon them for the perfect night sleep. The Snurk Living duvets are made...

HIPSTIK LEGWEAR – Tights for Comfortable Legs

Say hello to your future best friend with the Hipstick Legwear. This soft creation is all made in the USA. The Hipstick Legwear are made from microfiber which is both soft and stretchy. In addition,...

CANARY – Knife with Two Properties

Take advantage of the un-boxing procedure with less effort using the Canary. This wonder knife can cut both upwards and downwards. Moreover, the Canary is made back in Gifu, Japan.


Put your hands on the last razor bought ever this century with the Rockwell Razors. The classical design makes it possible to adjust itself in such a way to increase safety. Moreover, the Rockwell...

AXEL AND ASH – Travel Journals for Globetrotters

Note down your paths while traveling with the Axel and Ash. These beautifully-designed creations are the best travel journals to hold your best memories. The Axel and Ash feature a vegan leather cover. In addition,...