DUSK – The Clock Which Shows You the Sky


Visualize the passing of time and change the way you perceive it with DUSK, a brand new method of watching time pass by through a literal manner.

Featuring an inside trait which continuously turns its shade from white to dark (and vice-versa), DUSK explores the variations in technology from dusk till dawn.

In essence, DUSK is an usual clock we’re all already familiar with. Still, its minimalist style and everchanging shades turn it into a gadget that is worth every cent.

Each morning when you wake up, find your DUSK all white, showing it is time to rise and shine. As soon as you get back from work in the afternoon, you will be surprised to see it rather grey and till midnight, it is all black.

When it comes to the installation process, there are two words that perfectly describes it – fast and easy to cope with. Set it up for your time zone and enjoy the gadget of our times.