FITT360 – A 360° Camera into a Neckband


Explore the world and share exactly what you see with the others with FITT360, the first 360° camera that is both easy to be worn and use at any time of day and night.

Designed as a simple neckband, FITT360 entered the market due to the numerous attractive traits it features.

The first and foremost one is the full HD camera placed on the back (on the right), followed by the second full HD camera that can be found also on the back (but now on the left), and last but not least, the third full HD camera installed on the left end of the neckband.

What’s more, it is water-resistant, making it perfect to be used while travelling or doing outdoor activities which might imply water or sweat.

From now on, FITT360 will replace of your DSLR cameras that you might have, enriching your pleasure of traveling 100 times more!