Hudly Wireless – Your Display to Go for Any Car


Experience the delight of multitasking while driving, with an easy and totally legal way of keeping your eyes on your smartphone – in some way.

Hudly Wireless helps you convert your smartphone into a head-up display, which provides the driver with the possibility of keeping up to date with everything that happens on his mobile device while driving.

Get rid of not being able to use your phone (or at least take a glance at it) while driving and do two things at the same time while you’re on the road – drive and do your usual stuff on your smartphone, with Hudly Wiress.

In addition, this is perfectly designed in such a way that your focus will not be deviated from the road, since it is transparent.

The technology behind relies on the optical collimation, which interacts with the human eye and allows the driver to keep his situational awareness.

Undoubtedly, Hudly Wireless comes in handy to looking forward and keeping the main focus on the road.