OMNI-PILLOW – 3 in 1 Dream Pillow


Upgrade your sleeping experience with a 3 in 1 dream pillow, 100% Italian made and designed. With just a simple touch, you can turn the Omni-Pillow in not one, not two but three shapes.

Starting with the stage 0, the Omni-Pillow has the shape of a shell, one that you can place anywhere, all safe, sound and clean.

Moving on, the Omni-Pillow turns into a neck pillow, perfectly suitable for any long roads you might be taking.

The second stage implies a double pillow, one to be placed on a comfortable surface.

Last but not least, stage 3 is a pillow topper, generally to be used in order to create more comfort for any pillow – let’s say, 10 times more!